Periodontal Therapy


Smiley Dental  is proud to offer a non-surgical laser treatment for moderate to advanced gum disease. Now, gum disease can be treated in a way that is minimally invasive, much less painful, and with a quicker recovery time than traditional gum surgery techniques. This treatment addresses deep pockets in the gums, often in just a single visit, and without the use of conventional cutting of the gums, scalpels, and stitches. This treatment is quite effective, has more aesthetically pleasing results, and is more comfortable than traditional gum disease treatments. There are also no follow-up appointments necessary to remove stitches.

In traditional gum disease therapy, a surgical procedure would be scheduled, and after scaling and root planing of the teeth, the tissue of the gums would be cut with a scalpel. The gums would be flapped back, exposing the teeth and the diseased tissue, and the disease would be removed with dental instruments. The gums would then be put back into place and stitched. As you would imagine, this treatment often involved pain and anxiety for the patient, and many patients would simply avoid the treatment, leading to more problems. While treatment is critical for gum disease, overall health, and the preservation of teeth, there is now a better way with laser gum disease treatment. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal or gum disease, or are experiencing bleeding, pus, or other signs of gum disease, contact your Smiley Dental  dentist today for a convenient appointment time to address your concerns. You will be happy you did.


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